Lorna Reid

Graphic Design & Illustration

Lorna Reid

“Are You Ready for Laughs?” – Improv Night Advertisement

“Are You Ready for Laughs?” was a marketing project requested on behalf of the Committee of Improv for Sheffield Hallam University. All aspects of this project were designed in Adobe Illustrator, and then arranged and finalised within Photoshop. A short summary of the project follows:

“We are looking for a poster design for our upcoming improv show, "are you ready for laughs?”. This is a student run event, but a lot of effort has gone into making it, and we want to get some posters around Sheffield that look good and more professional, so that they stand out from the more amateur posters flying around from other students."

Final Design Including Colour Variations

Design Idea 1

Design Idea 2

Design Idea 3

Design Idea 4

Design Idea 5

Final Design

  • For Ben Danby (Marketing) on behalf of the Committee of Improv Comedy SHU

  • Type Advertisement

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